“I find myself both humbled and honored to have the opportunity to seek a judicial position after many years of legal experience and training to better serve my community."

David D. Diamond, Candidate for Superior Court Judge, Seat 162.

--- Los Angeles County Bar Candidate Rankings Released

Candidate Profile in the News

"I've seen a lot of attorneys throughout my years, and I have to say you're one of the best Los Angeles County has to offer." SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE


Local Background

  • Born, raised and resides in Los Angeles County.

Top Tier Training

  • Attends continuing education seminars and maintains up to date knowledge of the constant changes in the law.
  • Trained by Judges to be a Volunteer Temporary Judge.

Exceptional Experience

  • Recently freed an innocent woman after she served 18 years in prison.
  • Former Two Term Chairperson, Burbank Police Commission.
  • State Bar Certified, Legal Specialist.
  • University Professor teaching Courts/Criminal Law.
  • Served as a Volunteer Temporary Judge in Los Angeles County handling restraining orders, civil matters, and traffic infractions.
  • County Appointed Attorney, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Representing Low Income and Indigent individuals.
  • Litigated thousands of misdemeanor and felony matters.
  • Handled hundreds of civil/family law matters.
  • Argued numerous times before the District Court of Appeals.
  • Argued before the Superior Court Appellate Divisions.

Why Vote for
David Diamond?

Hear what others have to say.

  • “I've seen a lot of attorneys throughout my years, and I have to say you're one of the best Los Angeles County has to offer. ”

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Compton Branch, Trial

  • “He is, above all, fair, fearless and Honorable”


  • “God bless you David and thank you for being more than just my attorney, you were a good friend. Semper Fi!”

    LAPD Officer

  • “You will always be my first call...”

    LAPD Officer

  • “An independent thinker.”

    SGT- LAPD- 30 YRS

  • “I known David for the last 19 years and he has been a calm demeanor with a strong knowledge of the law in Criminal, Civil and Family! He would be an excellent addition to the Bench!”

    Eric Barter

  • “Mr. Diamond is very professional, charismatic, organized, and just a privilege to have him in your corner.”


  • “He taught us how to be lawyers in the best sense of the word.”


  • “He demonstrates integrity and compassion to his clients while he fights powerfully for the truth.”

    Mary M.

  • “"Appointing David Diamond to the Honorable Bench of the Los Angeles Superior Court would be prudent and appropriate, not simply because he has a brilliant legal acumen for the law, but simply because he is, above all, fair, fearless and Honorable."”

    Mark Lawrence Miller